The project concerns the implementation of a programme of promotional and prophylactic measures as part of the process of eradicating social inequalities in health within the Poviat of Nidzica. The respiratory disease mortality rate in the Nidzica Poviat is higher than elsewhere in the country. The situation is similar with respect to the morbidity rate. The basic principle of the project is to implement a promotional campaign to raise the awareness about the main types of respiratory diseases, the relevant risk factors and the solutions which make it possible to effectively reduce the number of new cases.

Educational measures will be cyclical in nature and will have their place in the calendar of local events, also following the implementation of the project. Additionally, within the framework of the project, a number of the Poviat residents will undergo prophylactic examinations (spirometry, X-rays, allergy tests) and pneumococcal vaccination.

The project will be directed at children of up to 9 years of age and persons over 60. The main long-term objective of the project is reducing respiratory disease morbidity and mortality rates.