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We shall remember that healthy eating has huge influence on our wellbeing. Thanks to diet we have a lot more energy and generally feel better. This can help us avoid many health problems. The are many benefits of healthy diet.

30th January in Nidzica Sports Centre there was a meeting with dietetic that aimed to encourage people to start eating healthy.

Lecturer was Adrian Mątwicki – personal trainer, and the audience was about 30 people. For over 3 hours trainer has been talking on healthy eating, presenting the food pyramid. On the presentation showed which products shouldn’t or should be ate together. Advised people to start physical activity. The meeting has proceed in nice atmosphere with healthy snacks, prepared for this occasion.

All persons being in the meeting declared to participate in the next one that will be held on 30th March this year. People still interested in that event please contact Sports Centre or call 89-523-58-00.