On 19th of April 2017 at the Nidzica’s Castle the summarising the project conference took place. During the conference Nidzica Foreman Grzegorz Napiwodzki presented briefly the outline of the actions that have been carried out for 16 months. The staff of the project: Beata Rapacka, Katarzyna Jabłońska, Małgorzata Jakubowska presented in details what has happened throughout the project. Next Agnieszka Malinowska – assistant to the Head of Medical Health Care Centre Administration Department and Andrzej Pobieżyński assistant to the Head Medical Department described summary of Spirometry tests for 1210 people, and X Ray for 2900 people. In the further part of the conference Krzysztof Garbino (NSZOZ LUNG) summarised realisation of the allergic tests for 1330 people. The last speaker Wioletta Szypulska nurse (Medyk Doctors Specialists) summarised the realisation of pneumococcal vaccination for 2238 people.

The project aimed to improve health, prevent and reduce the respiratory system diseases among the citizens of Nidzica Poviat.

The organizer of the conference social cooperative “You are not alone” in behalf of Nidzica Poviat invites for Summarising Conference “Promotion and Prevention of Respiratory Diseases for the Residents of the Nidzica Poviat” which takes place 19 April 2017 at Nidzica’s Castle.

Conference starts at 10:00 : in the programme; promotional film, summary of all activities during the project, checks ups, and vaccinations.

Interested in the project, and want take part in the conference – enrol until 14 April 2017 until 3 pm.

Email: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. , phone number 508-959-923

We inform that on the 11 April 2017 jury board awarded prizes:

I place – Dawid Socha – Upper Secondary Vocational and General Education Schools

II place Anna Kopecka – Upper Secondary General Education School

III place Karolina Wojtów – Upper Secondary Agricultural and General Education School

The prizes will be given at the conference summarising the project 19 April at Nidzica’s Castle.

We would like to thank to all participants.

60 bicycles have been bought to equalize social distinction around health issues along with running health prevention among citizens of Nidzica Poviat. Especially looking at village residents of Nidzica Poviat.

Following the agreement with four Boroughs, four free bicycle renting places were opened. Official opening of those was done by Poviat governor Grzegorz Napiwodzki. Rental places are located in Social Welfare Centre in Nidzica, Cultural Centre in Janowo, cuntre of Culture, Sport and Recreation in Janowiec Kościelny, Cultural and Sports Centre in Kozłowo. Each of the rental places have 15 bicycles for rent for residents aligned with the rules of renting.