The project provides for the following measures to promote health and a healthy lifestyle:

1.Training courses for the elderly, over 60 years of age.

2.A program to promote a healthy lifestyle, including:

 a) a picnic for health organized for all the residents of the Nidzica Poviat during the Poviat Family Days

 b) educational programmes in schools - for children of up to 9 years of age:

• "Freedom to breathe",  

• "Don't smoke next to me, please"


The training courses will include a discussion of the most important respiratory diseases, their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, as well as methods to assess the efficiency of the respiratory system. Within the practical part, information with be furnished on methods of preventing the diseases, and general rules of pulmonary rehabilitation will be presented. Also, opportunities will be provided to talk to medical professionals specializing in this kind of illness.


The picnic for health will take place as part of the Poviat Family Days. There will be special stalls where one will be able to receive medical advice, undergo a spirometry test or obtain information on the causes of and methods of fight against respiratory diseases. During the picnic, children will be invited to take part in educational games with prizes for the winners. There will be a catering service for the guests to the event. A special guest will give a speech on respiratory system diseases, their impact on everyday life, and will advise about the advantages of taking an active part in the project.


The educational programmes will mainly be addressed to early primary school pupils of up to 9 years of age and their parents, but also to teachers and school nurses.


Under the "Freedom to breathe" programme, actions will be carried out to prevent asthma. Parents will be able to obtain information on the disease, its symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis in children. Parents will be given Invitations to participate in these meetings. Health promotion among children will be taking place during school lessons. The Programme will culminate in an art contest devoted to the fight against bronchial asthma, where pupils will be able to win prizes.


The "Don't smoke next to me, please" programme will convey a message promoting a healthy tobacco-free lifestyle among children. The aim of the project is to raise children's awareness of the harmful effects of active and passive smoking, as well as develop attitudes and skills which will enable children to deal with the risk of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke. The implementation of the Programme will culminate in an anti-smoking march through the streets of Nidzica.