On 19th of April 2017 at the Nidzica’s Castle the summarising the project conference took place. During the conference Nidzica Foreman Grzegorz Napiwodzki presented briefly the outline of the actions that have been carried out for 16 months. The staff of the project: Beata Rapacka, Katarzyna Jabłońska, Małgorzata Jakubowska presented in details what has happened throughout the project. Next Agnieszka Malinowska – assistant to the Head of Medical Health Care Centre Administration Department and Andrzej Pobieżyński assistant to the Head Medical Department described summary of Spirometry tests for 1210 people, and X Ray for 2900 people. In the further part of the conference Krzysztof Garbino (NSZOZ LUNG) summarised realisation of the allergic tests for 1330 people. The last speaker Wioletta Szypulska nurse (Medyk Doctors Specialists) summarised the realisation of pneumococcal vaccination for 2238 people.

The project aimed to improve health, prevent and reduce the respiratory system diseases among the citizens of Nidzica Poviat.


Within the project there were the number of actions related to health promotion, health education as: health picnic (300 participants), educational programmes for children (1900 participants), educational workshops for young people (542 participants), training for elderly persons (300 participants), meetings with dietitians (30 people), fitness classes (54 people), Nordic walking classes (30 people), rehabilitation gymnastics (2 meetings), promotional movie, art contest, contest for multimedia presentation. Beyond that the medical equipment was purchased: three spirometers, one specialists fridge for keeping the vaccine also the sports equipment for high schools, 60 bicycles, educational aids: doll showing the harmfulness of smoking, doll showing the harmfulness of smoking during pregnancy, the model of mouth the person chewing tobacco, suitcases presenting human’s internal organs in 3D showing the results of smoking, using drugs, and alcohol, educational boards showing the results of smoking, using drugs and alcohol.

We hope that all these equipment will serve for years for Nidzica Poviat helping with keeping good health.

We are really grateful to all people engaged in the project “Promotion and Prevention of Respiratory Diseases for the Residents of the Nidzica Poviat”

During the conference the audience has had a chance to see promotional film from the realisation of the project.

We invite you to look at the promotional materials below.