60 bicycles have been bought to equalize social distinction around health issues along with running health prevention among citizens of Nidzica Poviat. Especially looking at village residents of Nidzica Poviat.

Following the agreement with four Boroughs, four free bicycle renting places were opened. Official opening of those was done by Poviat governor Grzegorz Napiwodzki. Rental places are located in Social Welfare Centre in Nidzica, Cultural Centre in Janowo, cuntre of Culture, Sport and Recreation in Janowiec Kościelny, Cultural and Sports Centre in Kozłowo. Each of the rental places have 15 bicycles for rent for residents aligned with the rules of renting.


Rules of renting are available in place or in the websites of these institutions. We hope that the equipment bought will allow whole families to look after their health, will be used to organize schools trips, will contribute to spend time actively and help to maintain good level of health in our Poviat.