In High Schools of our Poviat classes with psychologist Paulina Soliwoda from Growth and Education Centre Master Mind in Warsaw has started, under the project "Promotion and Prevention of Respiratory Diseases for the Residents of the Nidzica Poviat".

Prevention is vital for young people. This time in between adolescents and being an adult is a time of extreme biological, psychological, emotional changes of people. It is also the time when the most risky behaviour.

The crucial idea of this project is to protect students against danger and passing detailed knowledge about the results of exciding or risk addiction to kind of substances.

After workshops students:

  • Gain information about psychoactive substances such as: nicotine, alcohol, smart drugs, OTC drugs

  • Know health, psychological, sociological effects of taking drugs

  • Know where to seek help

  • Strengthen the attitude rejecting drugs

  • Know results of behaviour and the decisions

  • Know how to look after the health