Enrol at the Local Sport and Recreation Centre , Polna 7, phone number 89523 58 00

We offer:

1) Sport efficiency classes – fitness class for 30 persons is on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 10:00 with qualified trainer.

2) Meetings with nutritionist – two group meetings for 30 persons each. First meeting is on 30th January at 5 pm, next 27th February – finishing with setting the winter and spring diet improving and keeping fit the body over this period.

3) Nordic walking class – lecture for 30 persons, starts 17th February at 4-6 pm.26th February is march /walk and run/ at 5 km distance in Zimna Woda , the aim is to promote health and healthy living. For each participants sport equipment is provided.

4) rehabilitation gymnastics – two meetings with physical therapist for 15 persons. There is also lecture 24th February at 4 pm and practise class being at the date set with the instructor.