Within realisation of the project sport equipment was bought and hand over to four schools from Nidzica Poviat. Equipment will be used during realisation of the project as well as after the project is finished. It should promote healthy living and promoting healthy living among young people.

After the winter break series of meetings starts. The themes are on smoking and using other harmful substances and their influence on the body. Classes are with psychologist Paulina Soliwoda from Growth and Education Centre Master Mind in Warsaw. For the aim of the workshops educational help was bought, doll representing harmfulness of smoking, another showing harmfulness of smoking during pregnancy, model of mouth person using tobacco, bags with 3D human organs showing harmfulness of smoking, overusing alcohol and drugs.

In total 17 meetings with young people will be organized through February and March. Whiting the framework of the project there will be competition with attractive prizes. Details soon on our website.