Through April to June 2016 in local schools across Nidzica Poviat two educational programmes “Don’t smoke next to me,  please”, “Freedom to breath” have been implemented. Programmes covered 950 pupils from   1st  to 3rd grades.

Programmes that promoted health of respiratory system led by assigned Coordinators chosen among teachers, educators, and schools nurses.  They completed necessary training.

The programme “Don’t smoke next to me, please “ aimed in promoting healthy lifestyle, free from smoking, enhance knowledge about the results of smoking cigarettes. The programme also provided participants with skills of managing the situation, when someone smokes next to them.

Throughout the realisation of the programme at schools, many activities has taken place, such as workshops with pupils, meetings with parents, film shows, handed leaflets about smoking and benefits from stopping smoking. Finally, at the end of the project the Marches were organized at schools. It was in occasion to World No Tobacco Day, Child’s Day, Family Days. Pupils made posters and used gadgets to highlight events.

During realisation of the “Freedom to breath” project children and their parents received information about Asthma disease its symptoms, and importance of early diagnosis. Many activities with children were organized: drama, breathing exercises, plays, art workshops. There were also meetings with parents, where leaflets were handed and presented films about the disease. Realisation of the programme finished with the Art Competition with attractive prizes promoting healthy lifestyle.

Photo gallery:

- Janowiec Kościelny

- Janowo

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- Rogóż

- Zaborowo

- Rączki

- Łyna

- Specjalny Osrodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy w Nidzicy

- Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Nidzicy

- Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2 w Nidzicy