In the art contest organized within the framework of the educational programme “ Freedom of breathing” 148 artworks from 12 schools from Nidzica Poviat were handed in. All Artworks were judged according to the following criteria: consistent with the subject, clear message, artistic quality, originality.

Competition committee aligned with the regulations of the competitions choose three prizes and five awards. 


I place  - Jakub Politowski – High School  in Szkotowo,

II place - Adam Kamiński – High School in  Szkotowo,

III place – Patryk Jabłonowski – Educational Centre  in Nidzica.


  1. Oliwia Kowalska – High School 1 in Nidzica,
  2. Zuzanna Stawczyk – High School  1 in Nidzica,
  3. Chris Malkiewicz – Educational Centre  in  Nidzica,
  4. Emilia Wiśniewska – High School 2 in Nidzica,
  5. Alicja Roguszczak – High School in Szkotowo.

The winners received sports equipment promoting healthy lifestyle and outdoor and indoor activity – rollerblades, skateboard, balls, backpacks.

All the participants received certificates.