During „District Family Days” that were held 24th May 2016 took place “The Health Picnic” as a part of the project "Promotion and Prevention of Respiratory Diseases for the Residents of the Nidzica Poviat".  Representative of the local government were guests of the Picnic, also representatives of the local schools, pre-schools, Social Welfare Centre. Particularly we are pleased of having the youngest participants with their parents. They visited our stands, had some snacks promoting healthy diet / juices, fruits, salads/

For more fun , there were many competitions : 


  1. The Hula Hoop spinning competition.
  2. Cross country skis race, 2 people teams
  3. Picture painting by mouth
  4. Eating apples hanging on the string
  5. Blowing tissues in order to keep them as long as possible in the air.
  6. Art competition for poster about Lung’s Health
  7. Family contest checking the knowledge about Human’s Body
  8. Family Sports knowledge contest.
  9. Agility contest – playing with chairs
  10. Contest checking knowledge about results of smoking.

Contestants received prizes and gadgets.

As a part of the Picnic there were Ewa Garbino conference on respiratory diseases, their significance in life and advantages of taking part in the preventive programme.

To make the time even more entertaining the artists from Social co – operative, Taekwondoo Show,  and Fire brigade equipment show. Children took part in educational games and sports activities promoting healthy, free from smoking lifestyle

We are pleased that so many guests came and took an advantage of enjoyable time outdoors, snacks, and what is more had chance to gain the knowledge about respiratory system diseases, their prevention and management.

The project is co funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and the state budget in the framework of Programme PL13 "Reducing social inequalities in health".